Monday, May 14, 2012

Are you my mommy?

As some of you may or may not know Presley got a call from our agent the other week. She being considered for the role of Katie Holmes daughter in her new movie based on the play "The Seagull". As a mommy I couldn't be more proud but at the same time I am a little upset. I am her mommy! I don't want her to be know as Katie Holmes baby! I mean she is really cute, what if Katie and Tom go all Brangalina and try to adopt her?
While we are waiting to hear about the movie she has been asked to model for packaging to a baby towel product. This chick works more then I do!
Speaking of working...I have been. I have been performing in a show called Tales From the Garden, It is a play about the history and legends of NJ. I have been lucky enough to be recast for 5 seasons now and this has been the first time in 2 years that I have not done it "with child".  I have also started my third season of ghost tours which is more storytelling then theatre but keeps me on my toes!
While us working girls are well...working, Strummer is enjoying being a little boy. Getting dirty, getting in trouble, and getting spoiled. Every day is a new discovery for him and I am endlessly surprised with the things he comes up with. What other 17 month old do you know that jumps off his changing table yelling "stage dive" or insists on eating chicken nuggets and peas with tongs? and boy can he play! He slides, he jumps, he bounces, he climbs, play with balls, and books and things he is not supposed to touch. He loves to be outside rain or shine but REALLY enjoys the rain! He is a boy through and through!
I will keep everyone updated on the Katie Holmes mama drama!
Goodnight moon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She's a little bit country, He's a little bit rock n' roll

Whenever I hear a strange name and start to giggle or give some poor parent the side eye I am reminded (usually by my husband) that we named our kid Strummer. Ok. Yeah its different but definitely not in the same category as Bear Blue, Apple, or Pilot Inspektor. Strummer is named after Joe Strummer of the clash. A punk rocker who took shit from no one. Fits my son to a T! Still people don't get it. I have gotten more "oh thats different" then I can count, and could fill a book with the mispronunciations which include but are not limited to, summer, swimmer, stubber, sayer, strunker, and strawberry...yes strawberry (and not just once). We also decided to make it even more confusing and give him two middle names "thomas-john" named after his grandfathers. But hey, as someone once told me "at least he has two normal middle names to choose from when he decides he wants to change it". You should hear the names I call that person...
Now we move on to miss Presley June (say it with a southern accent it sounds even better). Yes she is named after Elvis, and no she is not named after the month. June is after June carter Cash whom both my husband and I admire. We get a little less ribbing for her name and no one has called her parsley...yet.
I guess we have given ourselves the task of sticking with music themed names if we ever have more children. You cant very well have Strummer, Presley June, and Bob (unless his middle name is marley but thats not our style). We are totally up for the challenge and have thrown around some names, Cash, Lyric, gaga (JK). Through both pregnancies I threw the name Tobias in the mix which I love because of the character in the musical Sweeny Todd (a hat tip to the world of musical theatre) but my husband hates because of the character on the show Oz (a hat tip to the world of serial rapists). But I guess we will just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
Some have asked "did you name them in hopes they will be performers someday". The answered is no not really but should they want to follow in my footsteps and grace the stage one day, they have damn good names for it! Then again President Presley June has a nice ring to it...especially if you say it with a southern accent.
-watching the CMAs

Monday, February 27, 2012

One more time with feeling!

Welcome to my blog! I am a terrible blogger. I have tried a couple times and have never been able to keep up with it. But I have made a promise to myself that I will give it one more shot so here it goes!
So a little about me. My name is Nicole DeLuca my stage name is Nikole Rizzo and my biggest fans call me mommy. I lived n NYC for five years where I graduated from theatre school, lived in a handful of apartments, attend countless auditions, and earned my wings and my union card as a professional stage actor. I met my husband ::cough cough:: ONLINE ::cough cough:: fell madly in love and was cast in a national tour days later. After six months and over 100 performances of Charlottes Web I decided I wanted the best of both worlds and sent my reguards to Broadway. I moved to Jersey and continued to audition and grow my relationship. Four years later we were married, I had been working steadily, and we were ready to start a family.
Our Son (Strummer) enters the scene and 14 months later he gets an unexpected (but extremely welcomed) co-star (Presley).
The babies quickly become the center of my universe and now here I am mommy blogging! With my intentions of dipping my foot back into the auditioning pool things could get interesting. So stay tuned!