Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She's a little bit country, He's a little bit rock n' roll

Whenever I hear a strange name and start to giggle or give some poor parent the side eye I am reminded (usually by my husband) that we named our kid Strummer. Ok. Yeah its different but definitely not in the same category as Bear Blue, Apple, or Pilot Inspektor. Strummer is named after Joe Strummer of the clash. A punk rocker who took shit from no one. Fits my son to a T! Still people don't get it. I have gotten more "oh thats different" then I can count, and could fill a book with the mispronunciations which include but are not limited to, summer, swimmer, stubber, sayer, strunker, and strawberry...yes strawberry (and not just once). We also decided to make it even more confusing and give him two middle names "thomas-john" named after his grandfathers. But hey, as someone once told me "at least he has two normal middle names to choose from when he decides he wants to change it". You should hear the names I call that person...
Now we move on to miss Presley June (say it with a southern accent it sounds even better). Yes she is named after Elvis, and no she is not named after the month. June is after June carter Cash whom both my husband and I admire. We get a little less ribbing for her name and no one has called her parsley...yet.
I guess we have given ourselves the task of sticking with music themed names if we ever have more children. You cant very well have Strummer, Presley June, and Bob (unless his middle name is marley but thats not our style). We are totally up for the challenge and have thrown around some names, Cash, Lyric, gaga (JK). Through both pregnancies I threw the name Tobias in the mix which I love because of the character in the musical Sweeny Todd (a hat tip to the world of musical theatre) but my husband hates because of the character on the show Oz (a hat tip to the world of serial rapists). But I guess we will just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.
Some have asked "did you name them in hopes they will be performers someday". The answered is no not really but should they want to follow in my footsteps and grace the stage one day, they have damn good names for it! Then again President Presley June has a nice ring to it...especially if you say it with a southern accent.
-watching the CMAs

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  1. I love their names! Original but they still sound like regular people :-)
    BTW Marely is a pretty first name. I'm partial to Fiona and Keenan